Pawel Gorniak - composer and music producer for film, games and TV. From early childhood he developed a true passion for composing, creating his first compositions on his father's synthesizer while still in preschool age. Since then he develops his love for music successfully creating it for many projects around the world, participating in the life of the music and education industry and working as a solo artist.
Nominated for the prestigious Young Composer Transatlantyk Award in 2013 and also won in the same competition in 2014 by a panel of judges including John Ottman (X-men, Superman), Jan Kaczmarek (Oscar winner for the Finding Neverland), Michael Price (Sherlock BBC), Richard Gladstein (film producer of Tarantino) and Andy Hill (music producer for Cher, Celine Dion). In 2016, in Santa Monica he received "The Mark Award" for a song from an album he created directly for Sony ATV. Despite his young age, Pawel worked on over a dozen film projects. From the spectacular animation Empsilness by Jakub Grygier (visual effects in the Wrath of the Titans, Melancholia, the Guardian of the Galaxy) to the award-winning Supernova film directed by Andrzej Cichocki, who has so far been honored with such awards as the bronze award at the Lubuskie Summer Film Festival in Lagow, Platinum Remi Award at the Huston Festival and Reno Award at the Reno Sci-on Festival.

In 2016, Pawel Gorniak and Mikolaj Stroinski (music for The Witcher 3, Bez Tajemnic) finished score to the american full-feature film Dangerous Words From The Fearless, which was a very important point in his career, creating music for his first film production in the US.
In may 2017 in Krakow Pawel received prestigious FMF Young Talent Award in competition beating over 120 entries from composers around the world. His music was played by the Beethoven Academy Orchestra and the choir conducted by Diego Navarro in front of 15000 people. Tickets for the jubilee FMF Gala were sold a month before the show. In first row were presented : Howard Shore, Jan Kaczmarek, Brian Tyler, Abel Korzeniowski and the jury from the competition among others Mina Korzeniowski, Trevor Morris, Robert Townson.

Pawel is technically well trained also on the sound engineering side, allowing him to create not only compelling compositions, but also well-produced music, which resulted in many amazing projects where the most important is modern, high quality final sound of created music. For example in video games such as Die For Valhalla (MonsterCouch), Allies in War (GameLion) or in trailers and production music.


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MAY 2018

(Pl/ENG) Victorious Note [Karnet Magazine]

You won the FMF Young Talent Award in 2017, getting you a foothold in Hollywood. How has your career developed since? With each passing year, I tell myself it has been the best year of my career. This has been going for so long, I think it's time to admit that I am on an upward curve. And I certainly mustn't grumble about last year!...

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14 DECEMBER 2018

(PL) Interview for TVN24 by Lukasz Jedlinski [TVN24.PL]

(PL) Paweł Górniak zdobył nagrodę Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Otrzymał ją za muzykę do trailera „Crossfire 2” promującego grę komputerową. To nie pierwszy sukces młodego kompozytora muzyki filmowej. Był między innymi laureatem „Young Composer Award”, konkursu organizowanego w ramach festiwalu Transatlantyk. O świetnych wieściach z Kalifornii, planach i zawodowych marzeniach z muzykiem rozmawiał Łukasz Jedliński.

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